Our Mission

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To Bring the Healing Power of Yoga to Homeless Men, Women, and Children Worldwide. 

Yoga 4 Homeless is a non-profit project so your tax deductible contribution will allow us to provide yoga mats, classes and yoga instructors to guide classes for homeless in cities near you.

Right now the homeless epidemic is the worst it has ever been affecting over 100 million worldwide.  Homeless men, women and children are often dealing with significant personal challenges including traumatic stress, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, sleep deprivation and depression.

Yoga has been proven to reduce: traumatic stress, addictive behavior, depression, mental illness, diabetes, and insomnia.

Five Powerful Benefits to Yoga: 

1. Yoga empowers the homeless to take action

2. Yoga increases a homeless person’s self-esteem

3. Yoga improves the ability to mentally and emotionally function in society

4. Yoga gives homeless a sense of community and well being

5. Yoga improves a homeless person’s physical health and mobility

Your contribution of $5 or more will allow us to provide yoga mats, classes and yoga instructors to guide classes for homeless in cities near you.

Yoga 4 Homeless Infographic & Model for Transformation

I think we all can agree that yoga is a powerful tool for the struggles the homeless face.  Yoga can help provide a foundation toward better mental, physical and emotional health with a higher quality of life.

You can change a life, and it’s simpler and easier than you would have ever imagined.

Our Vision

Right now there is NO cohesive initiative with adequate funding and resources that provides free yoga to serve the hundreds of thousands of homeless that could benefit from the practice. Just imagine if every homeless shelter or community center nationwide and eventually worldwide was offering free yoga as a healing practice for men, women and children.

Your contribution will go directly toward providing yoga teachers and classes into homeless shelters and community centers to help reduce trauma, stress and addictive behaviors within the homeless community.

Yoga 4 Homeless is establishing a scalable model to do the following: 

1. Raise massive awareness regarding the homeless epidemic

2. Recruit & train yoga teachers to teach yoga to the homeless 

3. Create working partnerships with homeless shelters and community centers to offer yoga for free to homeless men, women and children

4. Build partnerships with yoga studios, yoga related and non-related companies to support the cause

5. Establish a Yoga 4 Homeless teacher training program to build a large network of certified yoga teachers around the world to teach yoga to the homeless


The Impact

Our program benefits the following stakeholders:

  • Homeless men, women and children (teens) getting free access to yoga mats, professional classes and ongoing education
  • Homeless veterans (we intend on a class that would be specifically developed for veterans
  • Homeless shelter / community centers – provide them programming to support their goals
  • Yoga teachers contributing to teaching students and serving the homeless community
  • Yoga studios donating mats, promoting our program and also hosting classes at certain partner studio locations
  • Corporate partnerships supporting and promoting our program
  • Volunteers gaining the benefit of servicing the homeless community